Safari 2021 News

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Safari 2021 News
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:38:34 PM »
Most of you know who I am, I am the trail guy for the Safari. I am the guy who initially met with the landowners. We helped the landowners prepare their trails, along with volunteers we have put in countless hours preparing these trails and assisting landowners in preparing trails so that we could provide one of the best trail riding experiences that Eastern Kansas has to offer, and I think we accomplished that. However, I am announcing that I will no longer be involved in the Safari ride. I gave my word to landowners that WE would respect their land and in 2020 that simply did not happen. Let me try to be super clear, the actions of a few ruin the fun for all and I am heartbroken.
This is OUR fault as a group. Last year during the record attended trail ride. We had people leave trash on the trails on multiple landowner’s properties, and one landowners property had greasy handprints left on the ceiling. Disappointment does not go far enough. I am not interested in a witch hunt here. I think we are past that. But I do want to say, I hear all the time “There are no good trails in Kansas, we can’t ride there cause it’s private” insert saying of the day… This is why gentlemen! We had a good thing going and 25 + water bottles, granola wrappers and a greasy handprint (and I have questions about why on the handprint) POOF. Gone. May or may not come back. This kind of behavior is expected out of certain groups. But WE HAVE TO BE BETTER than this as a group.
We represent each other every time we go out. Period. When I ride in your area, people see a guy on a motorcycle, they will relate my actions to you. And so on. Here is my ask. Hold each other accountable. If you see me drop a water bottle, you stop me in my tracks and say “Pick That Up”. This is the only way we can represent Motorcyclists in a positive light. This was a very embarrassing thing to have to apologize for and I simply can’t believe it happened.
Dane has always done a great job with the parts of the ride he puts on (the whole thing was his idea) and he will continue to do so I am sure. I seriously hope you all come to the Safari this year and support the event. But if you are expecting the trail experience that we previously had I can’t say what will be able to be put together, and I won’t speak for the upcoming ride, because I know nothing. However, I know Dane will throw a great event this year, but I had already begun getting calls about the trail ride and getting vacations scheduled, who gets to ride with who etc. I truly hated to type this out, but I needed to let people know what happened, and why I am out.
There is absolutely no excuse for what I am about to do.


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Re: Safari 2021 News
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2021, 11:00:29 AM »
I am one of the land owners and a dual sport rider.  I had three trash barrels out yet riders left wrappers, empty water bottles and partially eaten food all around the barn. Some even crushed water bottles and threw behind implements.

I even opened up my cabin so people could check out the place.  Some rider felt the need to  check the height of my ceiling and left fingerprints.

Because of actions of more than a few, I told Burt, at dinner the night of the ride, my place would not be avalisble in the future because of the trash left behind.

I met a lot of nice, considerate riders that will be welcomed back individually or in small groups of riders I know.  However, for the foreseeable future,  I will no longer allow unknown group rides on my place.


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Re: Safari 2021 News
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2021, 07:03:58 PM »
Truly sorry to here, I would have thought this group would have been better than this.
 If any of you need any help around your property, let me know I’ll work out a time I can come up and help with anything you might need.
Marc Browning in Wichita.
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