Echo Cliff

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Echo Cliff
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:10:17 AM »
Nick's post on Kansas geology got me thinking about a geological oddity I haven't seen posted here. So I rode out Saturday morning to get some pix.

This is Echo Cliff, near Dover, KS

You can read how a 75' sandstone cliff got formed in the Flint Hills here.  Morning isn't the best time to take a picture of it as the cliff face faces west.

While I was out that way, I decided to go check out another geology fun spot, Pillsbury Crossing.  On the way I stopped by The Old Stone Church at Maple Hill for a pic.

Heading west, I found one of my favorite roads, Mastadon (no I didn't misspell it, that is the way the signs read) had road closed signs at each end but I used my Backroads Touring pass,

Only a couple of rough spots.  Easily passable by bike.

Stopped for lunch at the Sonic in Wamego (don't make that mistake) and headed to Pillsbury crossing.  It was obvious the water had been very high recently but now the water was shallow so I headed across and stopped for a quick dip.

Man, that moss was slick!.  I was having a hard time picking up the bike because my feet kept slipping and some awesome young folks helped me pick it up and push to the other bank.  I got some water in the air box so it took me a bit to get it started so I decided to head back.  The wet clothes made for a nice and cool ride home. 


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Re: Echo Cliff
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2019, 10:16:36 PM »
Thanks for sharing, Roger. For some reason, i can't see your pics though
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