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Title: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on January 16, 2020, 04:50:20 PM
Plenty more to come. Just getting this on the calendar so that everyone can plan your summer around our event.
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: Kingrider on February 10, 2020, 02:41:39 PM
Do you have a registration site up yet??

Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on February 11, 2020, 08:47:36 AM
Yes we do have it set up. Below the first link is the scoop sheet and the second is the registration form. Sign up this is gonna be a good one. We have new treats and fun for all levels of riders.
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on February 13, 2020, 10:31:59 AM
We have a new ride leader this year. Mackenzie Peterson will be leading a ladies ride through the backroads of eastern Kansas. So all you ladies who don't like to ride with the boys, or want to meet some other ladies of the sport. Sign up, Mackenzie has put in the miles and knows her way around and will show you all the sights at a safe pace.
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on March 04, 2020, 05:13:18 PM
The Company/person that owns some of the trails for the Dual Sport Safari in Garnet has a "Cabin" and a "Lodge" they are offering up for rent for our event. Normally these are luxury Hunting Lodges. But for this purpose if you are coming to the event and have a group of buddies/family looking to get away. This would be a really neat place to go together on. Bring the wives, or bro's weekend kinda thing. The lodge is a 90X120 building with very NICE living quarters and a 200+" big screen with bbq grills everything you could want. It also dorns a Tree house that is about 16' off the ground with bunk beds and a living room. Kids dig it big time! so do grand kids. The Cabin is a popular hang out for the boys with bunk style sleeping accommodations and a very nice kitchen bath etc. all the amenities of home. Both of these buildings are at the opposite ends of a 400 acre spread that is the Trail Head of the trail ride. These are very nice accommodations that people rent for a vacation. But they are not advertised and this is a special deal because they believe in what the local Lion's Club does for the community and the children's vision projects. Anyway here are some images. If you have more than 4 people coming (including wives/kids) this is something you SHOULD look into. PM me and I will get you rates and details etc. It will work out to be below a hotel if you have more than 6 in your group. And to say nicer doesn't quite cover it! Holler at me if you are interested. Marc if you want this again this year you better PM me quickly!
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: Nick Bright on March 06, 2020, 10:41:35 PM
Stayed in one of the cabins last year, it was excellent!
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on March 11, 2020, 11:12:47 AM
This is my lovely wife. She has taken to back roads motorcycling like a duck to water. She has decided to take a big step up and become a ride leader at the Dual Sport Safari in Garnett, KS on June 5th. This will be called the "Safari Sisters Ride" It is for ladies only, a route that Mackenzie Peterson has put together herself, and she will lead you through the back roads of Anderson, Linn, maybe Bourbon counties, some light trails, and great sights. Its ladies only and I am very proud of her for taking this on. She has and will ride a lot of miles to map out and decide where to take you all and I am certain she will show all you ladies a good and safe time out there. Please register for this event, the ladies sometimes get left out but not this time! Ladies tell your friends to support this, if it is successful it may lead to more of this kind of ride. Here are some pictures of her and her faithful side-kick Carly Ann out exploring routes!
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on May 11, 2020, 01:17:38 PM
Ride leaders needed to give an UPDATE to the Safari. We are planning to Grip it and RIP IT! IF YOU ARE AN RV GUY, OR A TENT CAMPER. GET YOUR SPOT RESERVED NOW! DO NOT WAIT! There is a major pipeline project in the area and a LOT of our RV spaces are full. So please call and find your spot. We have the Cedar Valley Reservoir has spots (owned by the city of garnett), there are two other City owned RV lots. Garnett Inn has RV parking, and we have two new private RV lots one is owned by The proprietors of the Maple Street Liquor store, and the other I will find a number and post it up. Tent camping should be available and we will have our showers as usual. But I know that COVID has screwed up everything and everyone is waiting to register to make sure we have it. Stop waiting! Register NOW. Here is the breakdown of the ride this year. IF you have tried and cannot find a spot for your RV or a tent spot. PM me and I can assist within reason. But please try first. I don't want to be a booking agent, but our team of leaders will help you find a spot! Don't not register because you can't find a spot for your toy hauler! call us.

Trail Ride Leaders are: Derek Smith (go fast), Vic Blaufuss (go as fast as you can and make it to work for sure), Burt Peterson (Go as fast as a fat working man should). Idea is to have the trail groups as small as possible to keep groups tight and break up the skills so everyone is equally yoked to maximize the fun for everyone! If you have questions PM me anytime. These ride leaders are great and capable guys! your in good hands.

Trail Breakdown: Should have all the trails we have had in the past and more this year. Weather depending all trails should be ready to rip. We will be doing what we did last year just with more trails. Each group will head to a particular piece of property and ride it as long as they want, then head to the next set of trails. There is the central (Challenging) trails and that is a lot of riding, then you have three additional properties that are between 15 and 18 mile ride on gravel to get to them. Ride leaders will communicate where they are and we will switch properties as we fully explore them. Ride leaders and their groups will decide in route how much time and what they do.

Equipment Breakdown: You should be on a bike that you can handle! We have in the past said no big bikes, but if Travis Pastrana shows up on a 1090 we will let him ride it. Tire restrictions will be in effect. You need knobbies to complete the trail ride. You need to have what you need to fix a tire. We all chip in and help each other but don't be "that guy". I suggest you wear full gear, we have hills, rocks, creeks, rocks, Trees, Rocks, Gullies, Rocks... you get the idea. Bikes need to be street legal and tagged, and we will only look to see if you have a current tag on your machine. If you have wanted to ride in the past but didn't get to, get with me, we can figure something out based on who you are. We want to have fun, and go home safely and as friends! There will be a trailer available to haul anyone who breaks down back to ride HQ. Hope we don't need it.

Trail Ride Lunch: All trail ride groups will be meeting at "The Cabin" for a served lunch by the Explorers Post and the Anderson County Police Force. This is a great organization that is part of the Boy Scouts that trains high school kids in law enforcement. Our Sheriff is a DR Rider and a great guy. I hope he can ride this year! Menu is being put together based on what we can get, but we are thinking Burgers, Brats, veggies, drinks for around $7-8. If you don't like that kind of thing. Pack a lunch. This lunch will be served on the trail, so we can maximize our day of riding.

Road Ride Leaders: Dane Hicks, Pat Schettler, Mike Bright, and Mackenzie Peterson. Again trying to keep each group as small as possible. Good group of leaders that know the area. Rather than label road rides by speed, the idea is for everyone on the road to get out, have fun, come home safe, make new friends.

Road Ride Breakdown: Each ride leader is going to have a route set up, based on their particular tastes in riding and the areas that speak to them. All will be a great day on the road. Dane Likes water crossings, Min Maint roads and U-turns. Pat Likes all that and gummy bears! Mike Bright is a fan of anything that comes his way on a bike and he can handle it! LADIES NIGHT! Mackenzie is going the distance this year and leading her own ride for the Ladies. So she likes all the same things the guys do, she just has better judgement than all of them, so she will be safe, and always within the skills of the group she gets, SIGN UP LADIES you need to represent. If you know ladies that ride, the turnout this year decides whether she puts in the effort going forward! It is a lot of work and time to put these routes together, show your leaders some love and respect and ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE PERSON BEHIND YOU!!!!!

Road Ride Equipment: Street Legal and capable of around 100 miles on a tank of fuel. Have what you need to fix a tire or fuse or whatever you may know is a weak point of your machine.  Dual Sport tires should be fine, but if you error, then do it on the side of off-road. There will be water crossings.

Road Ride Lunch: Ride Leaders have scoped out the best local cuisine in the area of their ride and will let them know you are coming. You can expect standard small town pricing and menu options.

Golden Compass: Chris Love contacted me a while back and pitched the idea and I think it is an exceptional idea. I have never been involved in one, but think it is a cool concept. I have shown him some of the best spots to hide the markers, and he has done the rest. If you have done the other rides in the area and want something new and exciting. I would sign up for this. There is another board regarding this ride and its explanation and I don't want to cheapen that with my limited knowledge so go back to Ride Planning and see Golden Compass. Chris Will post updates soon! I hope he gets a lot of participation cause I want to do it myself but have to ride lead. So ride it tell me about it. Thanks for chipping into the Lions Club effort Chris!

Registration Don't wait. Registration makes it so much easier and makes the ride, the meals, just everything better for planning. I know everyone is waiting to see what is happening. QUIT waiting! Register, lets ride. If for some reason the world goes to crap and we can't ride due to the COVID we will refund your registration fee less the electronic charge the registration software charges the Lions Club. We are really wanting to put on a good ride this year. Dane has rode the wheels off his DR making routes, So has all the other ride leaders. Sign up, get a spot to camp or RV or a hotel. Our hotels are open. Lets get back to life on 2 wheels. I can't wait to see you all there. If you have questions you can PM Dane or Myself. Tell your friends. Below is the registration stuff.
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Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: Derek on May 11, 2020, 01:31:33 PM
Thanks Burt!  Looking forward to it!!
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on May 11, 2020, 03:29:20 PM
 I will post answers to questions people ask in comments and on the forums. Here is first three: 1) I have never ridden trails before. what do I need and should i try? Answer. Hell yes you should try. But with some conditions. PM me and tell me your story and I will advise best I can. No single answer for everyone! 2) I don't want to stay or camp can I ride in/trailer in, join up and go home. Well it was a free country not that long ago. Register and make yourself happy. If you can only ride 1/2 day I will see to it you get back to town when you need to leave. 3) What do I need to have on me for the trail ride? Whatever you need to fix your tires or your bike, and you will want water. We are trail riding out in the country, there are no Quick Trips out there. We will have to come to town at some point for Go Juice. But have enough water for at least half a day of hard trail riding.
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: drjack on May 16, 2020, 09:19:03 AM
How many road miles total should the trail riders anticipate? Running bib mousse currently and don't want to trash them by doing too many road miles.
Title: Re: Kansas Dual Sport Safari 2020
Post by: hbadventure on May 16, 2020, 09:26:48 AM
You will do approximately 2 miles on pavement. Say 20-25 mi total on gravel. Only tire I run is Trackmasters so I feel your pain but the gravel doesn't hurt them too bad.